Domain blocker for Linux Mint
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Blocks outgoing traffic towards chosen domain names using /etc/hosts.
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tptrich 3 years ago

It's can not working with subdomain

ephraimshofar 5 years ago

Doesn't work with https websites.

flybuntu 5 years ago

It does what it is supposed to do. A timer would be a nice feature.

jelabarre59 6 years ago

Major problem with this is you can't do a temporary change without forcing a user off or rebooting. If they are already on or have recently visited the site, the DNS is already in the system and the browser will not bother re-checking the entry. This needs to purge the DNS cache to be at all useful.

cmoi 7 years ago


mintos 8 years ago

Wish it could display a jpg like dexter in windows.Also I wish that it could sync your added domains to a cloud just like Firefox's bookmarks

Hammer459 8 years ago

What is the point of a domain blocker??

asderceder 8 years ago

I don't see why it's essential for the system but it's small and it works so I don't really mind

Cityscape 9 years ago

It's only good for blocking a few specific sites, not much other than that. It's not good for protection your kids because you have to enter each site in manually, meaning there will be many bad sites that remain unblocked. A much better alternative for protecting children (or anyone not wishing to see certain content) is Dansguardian.) Also note that with MintNanny blocking is different than blocking, so you'd really need 2 seperate entries.

jahid_0903014 9 years ago

necessary package

nb14 9 years ago

It works when it is running, but to start it you need to enter your su-password. I can't find any documentation.

perpipon 10 years ago

useless no options, just yes or no for yout own manual input (I would not be able to block all the f****** porn websites and others on my own), no users (well allowing only disney for all users if whitelist was avalaible is a pitty) ...whitelist ...blacklit ... and well known website!!!

antonijn 11 years ago

I'm against the whole principle...

fotonix 11 years ago

/etc/hosts approach is too global, need per-user white list black list etc.

dinosb 11 years ago

Excellent if you don't want your kid browsing through unwanted parts of the Net. Very easy to use.

francheu 11 years ago

un peu plus de fonctionnalités seraient les bienvenues

leo__sg1 11 years ago

Deberia ser más completo :(

ulysses 11 years ago

Will helpful to who needs it.

plainvanilla 11 years ago

too basic since it uses etc/hosts only. would block only and not

RavS 12 years ago

Quite good. Works when u want to stop some sites from opening. And others can have a hard time finding out why it refuses to open!