Troubleshooting tool for Linux Mint
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Reports issues and important information about the operating system.
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Peyrol 3 months ago

I have set system monitor to always start on bootup, then I wait to watch my cpu max out for a while until I can finally start using my computer.

tekola 6 months ago

MintReportkeeps reporting an "Error" about XappStatus applet not installed. It is present and has a lock next to it. I cannot uninstall it. I also cannot uninstall MintReport, as some have suggested online, it is not removable. I am trying to stay with Mint but these things keep sending me back to super slow Windows 10.

Mark_B 7 months ago

A good idea, but i feel its far from ready for general release. When the bugs like maxing out the CPU, and using as much ram as the entire OS are ironed out I'll give it another go. In the meantime I've uninstalled it.

gsissa 7 months ago

It's so unusefull for geeks, and I think it will generate panic into users.