Free software clone of silverlight 2.0 - xulrunner 1.9 plugin
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Moonlight is a free silverlight clone, allowing free software systems to run embedded web-browser objects or standalone code targetting microsoft silverlight.

about microsoft silverlight microsoft silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device plug-in for delivering the next generation of .net based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the web.

this package contains the xulrunner 1.9 plugin bridge, for full use with xulrunner 1.9 browsers such as firefox/iceweasel 3, epiphany-gecko, hulahop, and others.
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Ioseph 12 years ago

Supposed to be a linux version of silverlight. (Silverlight being MS crap) This may or maynot work for your needs. Give it a try.

l1qu1d 13 years ago

doesn't work with netflix

Anubis 13 years ago

Needed to watch skynews, they sadly rely on a pointless technology (silverlight) after trying the plugin from go-mono, the stream would not play... however this package makes it work.