Transitional dummy package
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This is a transitional dummy package for renaming mozilla-plugin-vlc to browser-plugin-vlc.

it can be safely removed when browser-plugin-vlc is installed.
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christopherccg 10 years ago

No integra para nada a VLC, no tiene los controles de reproducción, etc.

wanda 10 years ago

einfach fuer nichts tauglich .. leider.

Dlgeekdu93 11 years ago

Ne marche pas chez moi / Don't work at all at home

Kitsune22 11 years ago

I love VLC, and that is why I uninstalled the mplayer Plugins that come via default and installed this instead. I DO NOT RECOMEND INSTALLING THIS PLUGIN! While it will play the files once the mplayer Plugin is removed, it has no controls whatsoever, making it effectively useless. Keyboard controls can be used, but they are slow and unresponsive, and files play slower then if simply streamed with the normal VLC. Until this gets an update for these much needed features, STAY AWAY! It isn't worth the effort.