Utility for MP3 wrapping (rolling multiple MP3s into one)
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Command-line utility that wraps multiple MP3 files into a single, playable MP3, without losing filenames or ID3 information, and without reencoding. Also supports archiving non-audio data such as playlists, info files, and cover images inside the MP3. These files can be unpacked later (using mp3splt, e.g.); ordinary MP3 decoders can play the entire audio stream as one long track.

This is a free, independent alternative to AlbumWrap:
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Obelix 1 year ago

Works, but only on computer. If you intend to make the equivalent of a mixtape and copy it to a memory stick to play on a stereo or in your car you might be in for a surprise, because only the first song in the new archive is played, the rest remains hidden or the archive won't play at all. Meh.