Personal video recorder application (client and server)
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MythTV implements the following PVR features, and more, with a unified graphical interface:

- Basic 'live-tv' functionality. Pause/Fast Forward/Rewind "live" TV.
- Video compression using RTjpeg or MPEG-4
- Program listing retrieval using XMLTV
- Themable, semi-transparent on-screen display
- Electronic program guide
- Scheduled recording of TV programs
- Resolution of conflicts between scheduled recordings
- Basic video editing

This package will install a complete MythTV client/server environment on a single system. If you are intended on using this as your only MythTV machine, and this machine is already configured as a desktop, this package will get you up and running switfly.

If you are intended on installing this on a standalone/non-desktop machine, you should look into the Metapackages available: mythtv-backend-master (backend with a local database) mythtv-backend (backend needing a remote database)
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-mojo- 3 years ago

It's a great package but yes, a PITA to set up. Here are a couple more things that may trip you up: Check the MySQL config files (mysqld.cnf) to ensure that bind-address is the server's external IP address, and check the PIN in backend-setup - if it's not 0000 it won't let any remote frontends connect!

mitchd123 5 years ago

A real PITA to set up, but worth the agony. I've been a long time user. Use it as a backend, with Kodi as a frontend.

lemoncurry 6 years ago

Tried to make it work for three weeks. Does not work !

sunfun 6 years ago

Very powerful, but extremely painfull to install. CRITICAL HIDDEN TIP: When you install and it just says "can't connect", look in directory \etc\mythtv\config to see the installed password. You may need to turn on "show hidden files" in your file manager. Put this password in the mythtv database setup screen.

bdumont 8 years ago

Install complicated but survivable. After install it keeps corrupting its own database, making TV viewing impossible. Way too buggy for actual use.

elctro 9 years ago

worked for Hauppauge HD-PVR

bholnes 9 years ago

Useless unless you can set it up. Why can't it be as simple as Metv?

royedmund 10 years ago

Setup for Australia Region Grabber is a pain, but once done it great

ugubabba 10 years ago

Essential Media Server and PVR

Crappypunkrockss 10 years ago

Turned my old computer into a free DVR! Sure beats Windows Media Center!

Aziat 11 years ago

Первый раз пробую