Nemo-preview is a quick previewer for nemo
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Nemo-preview is a GtkClutter and Javascript-based quick previewer for Nemo, the Cinnamon desktop file manager. Nemo-preview is a DBus-activated service. It is capable of previewing documents, PDFs, sound and video files (using Gstreamer), some text files, and possibly others in the future.

To activate the preview, left-click the file and hit space. The preview can be closed by hitting space again, or escape.
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scoobiedoo 11 months ago

crashes too often even with simple PDF files.

lunatik96 2 years ago

Its a useful compromise, would consider automatic preview better. PCLinuxOS with KDE has the feature and works well.

Vasilis_K 3 years ago

Really handy!

Mehmet 5 years ago

Daha geliştirilmeye ihtiyacı var. Yine de güzel bir özellik sağlıyor. Unutmadan bazı ofis dosyalarının önizlemesini yapamıyor.

meda 5 years ago

MSOffice files don't show. very useful app

MagicMint 5 years ago

If your Nemo is set to single click, do NOT click on the file as this will start its associated application as usual, but rather MARK a (single) file and then hit space. By the way, this is really useful with built-in touchpads ;-)

fresh_user 6 years ago

Great extension. Previews open really quick compared to full-size apps

jahid_0903014 6 years ago

cool, it opens a media player like preview window with just hitting spacebar and starts playing media files...