Nemo extension to enable an embedded terminal
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Nemo Terminal is an embedded terminal for Nemo, the Cinnamon file manager. It embeds a terminal pane into Nemo that is accessible by hotkey (default F4) and automatically follows the currently active directory in Nemo.
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Kenny_Dave 4 months ago

Working successfully in 21.2. Required a restart. Hotkey to toggle hide doesn't seem to be F4 which the documentation says it is.

feralhound 9 months ago

Unfortunately, this no longer installs with Mint 21. The requirement of python-nemo conflicts with the existing installation of nemo-python.

kmank 1 year ago

It appears that if the terminal has focus, F4 will not hide the terminal. Clicking elsewhere in Nemo (left pane or main file area) and then pressing F4 will close the terminal.

sadhu44 3 years ago

Pressing F4 hotkey opens and closes the terminal THE FIRST TIME. After that the terminal stays open. I have to restart nemo to shut it. Great idea, but guake is better.

Xerus 6 years ago


zothommogh 7 years ago

Awesome feature, don't see many browser/file manager that can do that

Rebel450 8 years ago

also good to learn terminal commands...

MagicMint 8 years ago

It’s a nice gimmick› By the way, it can be configured by dconf at org› nemo› extensions› nemo-terminal.

JCH2 8 years ago

Exceptional. Use it at least once per day.

ManuelMint 9 years ago

bellino, ma da migliorare manca un pulsante per nasconderlo, e secondo me sarebbe istruttivo se mostrasse oltre al comando cd quando viene chiamata una directory anche gli altri, per esempio sudo apt-get e il nome del programma quando viene installato insomma tipo tutorial in tempo reale

anandrkris 9 years ago

Does not support configuration. Always shows by default.

jahid_0903014 9 years ago

don't like this