Wallpaper browser and changing utility for X
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Nitrogen is a graphical wallpaper utility that can be used in two modes, browser and recall. Some of the things to look for in nitrogen are:

* Multihead and Xinerama support (setting
different wallpapers for each monitor)
* Recall mode to restore wallpapers via startup script
* Uses standard for thumbnails
* Can set GNOME background
* Command line set modes for script usage
* Inotify monitoring of browsed directories
Latest reviews
lnxmntadol 9 months ago

It works on Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon, with multiple displays. I can set a background image independently for each display.

roiikkata 5 years ago

Works in the newer Linux Mint versions. 17.2 desktop PC . AWESOME.

GEECHkilla 6 years ago

If the wallpapers change after startup, open "startup applications" and add an entry with the command "nitrogen --restore" (2 dashes and no quotes). Restart to verify.

ZeroCold1981 7 years ago

dont work on linux mint 14

gurosebe 7 years ago

works perfectly, far better than default cinnamon wallpaper changer, especially on multiple displays

stepan 8 years ago

do not get how to use it, a bit complicated