Choose colors from the picker or the screen
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Ever wanted to know the value of that color on your screen? Color Picker enables you to pick the color from any pixel on your screen. It also offers a palette, so that you can easily mix and match a couple of colors together.

When you have found the perfect combination of colors, naturally you want to save them. Color Picker allows you to conveniently save and retrieve colors.

Color Picker is a color selection dialog written in GTK 3. It is much alike Gcolor2, but uses the newer GTK version and other modernisations to better integrate into your modern desktop.

Latest reviews
eliezerjosel 11 months ago

Funcionou perfeitamente, a funcionalidade de salvar cores é bem legal.

beitme 1 year ago

It doesn't work for me (Mint 20.2)

rikerlinux 1 year ago

Excelente programa pra quem precisa deixar registrado as cores que usa em suas artes, thumbs e demais trabalhos gráficos, fácil e simples de usar

pabehctbo 2 years ago

Программа, с виду крутая, но почему-то не получается взять цвет с помощью пипетки. Ни с рабочего стола, ни с самого окна программы. Пипетка не работает. Может это особенность моей сборки LM_20 Cinnamon.

RoMuu 2 years ago

Better than expected. Simple UI and possibility to save your color codes - which are shown in HEX and RGB. The color picker applet is the better choice if you only want to pick a color ... to save and edit colors better use GColor3.

har-8 3 years ago

Почему нет не flatpak версии!

Trapperb 3 years ago

Despite claims, it doesn't integrate with your desktop. There's no minimize to the system tray so you need to launch it to sample colors but now the color picker window itself is in the way. You're better off using the color picker panel applet.