Transitional package for nvidia-current
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This is a transitional package for nvidia-current, and can be safely removed after the installation is complete.
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djavustudio 7 years ago

Não recomendo, extremamente inseguro e causando mal funcionamento do sistema! Muito ruim, Não recomendo! Estou usando Linux Mint 16, fui forçado a reinstalar todo sistema e programas novamente! ... Not recommend, extremely unsafe and causing system malfunction! Too bad, I do not recommend! I'm using Linux Mint 16, I was forced to reinstall the whole system and programs again!

redelmann 8 years ago

everything runs fine for now

alinourzad 8 years ago

compiz needed

daKing 8 years ago

Made my day! Tried for hours to have suspend/resume work with nouveau, but no succes. After installing nvidia, running nvidia-xconfig and restarting it works perfectly. Dual monitor setup and GeForce 7300 GT

bambitheslug 9 years ago

This driver has worked fine for me so far without crashes, artifacts, etc. I recommend installing from your system menu or update tool since that's all streamlined. I installed the Nvidia driver on Arch from command line once and had to do a little bit more manual work to install it. I guess you could do that on any Linux distro, but I'm always afraid of creating some conflict within the package manger's state for Ubuntu, Mint, etc. Basically, if you want to run 3D games on a newer Nvidia card with the least amount of frustration, go to your system menu, find Additional Drivers, and install!

ulysses 9 years ago

Good driver.

AlbertP 10 years ago

If it works at all, it's a good driver, but often it fails to run. And setting up 2nd screen is much easier when using the experimental driver. If you don't need to run the most powerful games and your card is not a GeForce GT/GTS/GTX 4xx/5xx, the experimental driver (libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental) is much better.

Flaker 10 years ago

old and buggy on suspend/resume. Known issue. Time to update!!!