Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime
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This is a set of tools which will enable NVIDIA's Prime on MUXless systems.
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_Mint_Condition_ 2 years ago

Works great and is actively maintained. Just wish Nvidia could have their software and firmware be open source like AMD does!

amicalmant 4 years ago

Along with the nvidia-settings package, this tool works perfectly with my laptop's discrete GeForce 940MX 3D adapter. Be aware, however, that it does not enable the CUDA video encoder. For that you need to install the nvidia-cuda-toolkit available in the Software Manager or via the "NVIDIA CUDA Installation Guide for Linux" available on the nvidia.com website.

flos 8 years ago

basically it is a shortcut to the nvidia-settings which lets you select which video card you want to use, and it display the name of the used one

signatux 8 years ago

Nos permite gestionar con cuál tarjeta gráfica queremos utilizar nuestro ordenador, con la Intel (Power Saving Mode) o con la Nvidia (Performance Mode). Para realizar el cambio quizás se deba reiniciar, o como mínimo, cerrar la sesión y volver a entrar.