Space Invaders clone
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Space Invaders is one of the earliest arcade shoot 'em up games. The player can move horizontally across the bottom of the screen and must shoot at an incoming wave of aliens before they reach the bottom.

Open Invaders is a clone of the legendary 70's classic, but with completely new graphics, several bonus levels, etc.
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sbooder 3 months ago

I like the retro feel, but the controls area little sticky, especially left and right.

Techtonical 1 year ago

Love it, all the style of the original version. Great work and works perfectly on my Linux Mint 19 Laptop

Ray54 5 years ago

Sound works first time in years with new Mint 18

Flurry 9 years ago

Crashes and it's a bit slow on the controls

rob0917 10 years ago

Like it but no sound