Gaming mouse configuration utility
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Piper is a graphical user interface to configure gaming mice. Configuration options include changing the resolution (DPI) of the mouse, adding and removing profiles, setting LED colors and changing button behaviors.

Piper requires libratbag’s ratbagd, the daemon to actually communicate with the mice. Piper is merely a front end to ratbagd, ratbagd must be installed and running when Piper is launched.

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Swiftymorgan 6 months ago

Macros are not supported by the Logitech G600 in memory mode, only single characters. For example CTRL Z can not be assigned.

tupinikin 6 months ago

Logitech 600 its ok! 100%

toomyg155 9 months ago

Like the non flatpak version it dont see my Reddragon gaming mouse even installed lidratbag and same results, No Device Found! :(

se7engp 2 years ago

Great program for my use, just wish you could add the ability to map the ESC key. As it currently is, you have to hit a key to map it, but the escape key exits the mapping menu.

hugo-03 2 years ago

Awesome, work with G502

Gen_Niox 2 years ago

One thing I'd add, like the other guy that's commented.. I'd add the ppa so you can keep things up to date: "sudo apt-add-repository ppa:libratbag-piper/piper-libratbag-git". Works like a CHAMP on my Logitech G600! All side buttons are configurable, LEDs, and the third mouse button and a few others I forgot existed!

goldman7911 3 years ago

Just add ppa before ppa:libratbag-piper/piper-libratbag-git and, from apt, install ratbagd and piper. Mouse tested: /dev/input/mice Logitech G203 Prodigy Gaming Mouse