Manage your contacts
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Contacts keeps and organize your contacts information. You can create, edit, delete and link together pieces of information about your contacts. Contacts aggregates the details from all your sources providing a centralized place for managing your contacts.

Contacts will also integrate with online address books and automatically link contacts from different online sources.

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trcooper03 11 months ago

Appears to be update to Gnome-Contacts. Totally worthless. Cannot import from .vcf even though there is a link for importing. Supporting website says to use meson to install. Far too complicated for such a simple application.

Haerber 3 years ago

Miss groups, categories or labels, whatever you call it. The app is fine but it's a big lack.

lsemmens 5 years ago

Needs Polish, will only allow me to link with one online account (google) with no idication of whether I am using online or local account. When unlinking accounts the popup did not display a means to close it. Editing a record is cumbersome, edit the header, save it, go back in to edit the rest of the record or the header, does not change. Could not link to Hotmail

nymphius 5 years ago

I was seeing two versions of this on my software center. I installed one and was taking 643MB to download, then I realized it was the flatpack, since I have both repos added to my system. The other was less than 1 MB, make sure you select the right one.

kokbira 5 years ago

-2 points because it does not sync with Google, although I configured to it; -2 points because it does not have an option to sync with Microsoft

nikolal94 5 years ago

Works fine, synchronizes well with NextCloud