Simple game launcher for GNOME
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Games is a GNOME 3 application to browse your video games library and to easily pick and play a game from it. It aims to do for games what Music already does for your music library.

You want to install Games if you just want a very simple and comfortable way to play your games and you don’t need advanced features such as speedrunning tools or video game development tools.


List your installed games, your Steam games, your game ROMs…
Search in your games collection
Play your games
Resume your game to where you left it
Latest reviews
Ephata 6 months ago

Je ne trouve pas ça très utile...

handersonrds 1 year ago

It is not recognizing control after installing the xbox360 control driver

cavestorysue 1 year ago

설치된 스팀게임도 띄워주네요! 업데이트를 하니 실행이 안되던 문제가 해결되었네요!

RavetcoFX 2 years ago

Handy app for putting all of your games in one place, but the interface feels clunky, and it lacks a lot of configuration that something like retroarch has

clem 2 years ago

Very nice app! Very straight forward.