Play and organize your music collection
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Lollypop is a modern music player for GNOME.


Play many audio formats: MP3, MP4, OGG, and FLAC
Intuitive browsing: Walk through your collection by genre/artist and album artwork
Search in your collection by artist, album and title
Artist bio, lyrics: Get artist and track information from the web
Party mode: No awkward silences, let Lollypop choose music for you
ReplayGain (RG): Automatically select the best audio level
Cover art downloader: Automatic artwork downloader from, Itunes and Spotify
MTP devices: Sync your music with Android phones and any MTP devices
Fullscreen view: Visual access from your couch
Radios support, and ListenBrainz support
Auto install codecs
HiDPI support
TuneIn support
Latest reviews
Give_Trees_A_Chance 4 months ago

Seriously... 2.1GB? A music player that takes 2.1GB? Foobar2000 is like 60MB. What right does this software think it has to use as much storage as 10 albums in lossless .flac? Sure I appreciate the design but it's hardly 'feature rich' or anything. Mostly resembles the very first version of iTunes but with album art icons instead of a list. Something needs to be done about the size of the app though. Really!

deanr72 5 months ago

Like the previous reviewer, I'm also a listener of albums rather than individual songs. I've never created a playlist in my life and have no intention of doing so. What I've been looking for ages is a player that presents my albums in a nice and clear fashion (ideally with cover artwork) and plays that album at the click of a button. Lollypop does just that. What's more, I have over 600gb of music and most other players simply crash or grind to halt as soon as I do a search or scroll through my library (Quod Libet and Foobar being the only exceptions) and thus far Lollypop is also coping admirably with my vast collection of MP3s.

rdschouw 1 year ago

I love that Lollypop puts albums front and center. Most apps focus mostly on individual songs and it's refreshing to have an app which doesn't!