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Lollypop is a lightweight modern music player designed to work excellently on the GNOME desktop environment. It also features a party mode which will auto-select party-related playlists; allows access the player from your couch thanks to it fullscreen mode; fetches lyrics, artwork and biography online; and provides native support for ReplayGain.
Play MP3/4, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC filesFetch lyrics, artist bio, and automatically download cover artsSync Lollypop with your Android device via MTPYou can scrob songs to, and ListenBrainz
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UmpquaRiver 4 months ago

While imperfect, this is the most polished and functional music player on Linux. The user interface makes me think of iTunes, and that's a good thing. It includes different sizes for the player itself and integrates quite well. Thank you, Lollypop developers!

raphial 8 months ago

I want to love this program so bad, and it looks really nice, but tbh it's been buggy, lags a lot, and does not make it simple to just see your library tracks or track artists. The only way to see your library tracks is to open up a new playlist, then migrate them all to it. And every time you open it, it takes 30+ seconds to load (I have a lot of music). This program is only really streamlined for albums, not much else. Unfortunate there aren't much options for anything else.

jgold 1 year ago

If you just want to listen to albums in order then it would probably work. For trying to manage a music library it's useless. Worse, if you leave the authors any friendly useful suggestions they're offended! This is from the maintainer: "BTW WONTFIX, if you don't like Lollypop design, just use something else." Wow! with an attitude like that don't expect any improvements in the software. Better to not waste time on Lollypop and use something else as the maintainer suggests. I've found that Clementine works for me. It has some bugs but it's still far better than this application.

Mirko0508 1 year ago

Searched quite a while for a decent Music-Player on Linux until I found Lollypop. It is simply perfect! Clear structure, very useful features and boy, oh boy, this view in Fullscreen-Mode is simply AMAZING! Thanks so much to the developer!!! :-)

clement 2 years ago

If 2.6 Go seems to be very big for a music player, use the ppa : 2.5 MB :-)

maxkoryukov 2 years ago

It looks nice, but: I can't drag'n'drop a folder with MP3 files into the MUSIC player, why? It seems extremely awkward and weird for me. The thing is: OTHER PLAYERS CAN DO that for me, this one - can not.

amzer_zo 2 years ago

Great looking app, simple enough layout... Makes it easy to queue several albums on-the-fly without formally creating a playlist. Still that queue is editable and accessible from a toolbar icon. The app launches Easytag directly to edit tags. I also found that it has a nicely implemented web radio category with a good search interface.

Give_Trees_A_Chance 3 years ago

Seriously... 2.1GB? A music player that takes 2.1GB? Foobar2000 is like 60MB. What right does this software think it has to use as much storage as 10 albums in lossless .flac? Sure I appreciate the design but it's hardly 'feature rich' or anything. Mostly resembles the very first version of iTunes but with album art icons instead of a list. Something needs to be done about the size of the app though. Really!

deanr72 3 years ago

Like the previous reviewer, I'm also a listener of albums rather than individual songs. I've never created a playlist in my life and have no intention of doing so. What I've been looking for ages is a player that presents my albums in a nice and clear fashion (ideally with cover artwork) and plays that album at the click of a button. Lollypop does just that. What's more, I have over 600gb of music and most other players simply crash or grind to halt as soon as I do a search or scroll through my library (Quod Libet and Foobar being the only exceptions) and thus far Lollypop is also coping admirably with my vast collection of MP3s.

rdschouw 4 years ago

I love that Lollypop puts albums front and center. Most apps focus mostly on individual songs and it's refreshing to have an app which doesn't!