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Play, update, and manage your podcasts from a lightweight interface that seamlessly integrates with GNOME. Podcasts can play various audio formats and remember where you stopped listening. You can subscribe to shows via RSS/Atom, iTunes, and Soundcloud links. Subscriptions from other apps can be imported via OPML files.

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goog64 2 years ago

Won't launch. Linux Mint 18.3. Multiple attempts made. Removed and reinstalled. Tried three ways to launch it. Nothing happens.

nowakowski 3 years ago

My favorite podcast app. Simple, nice interface. There is still a bit of feature missing, so the rating 4. If there appear some changes suggested in 'Issue Tracker', I will change to 5.

sientelo 4 years ago

Love it, use it all the time. No bloat options, just find new podcast episodes and download them. simples

neowalla 4 years ago

It does not give the option to NOT delete your podcasts. There are some podcasts I subscribe to that I keep. That was a show-stopper for me so I uninstalled it.