Task manager for GNOME
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GNOME To Do is a task management application designed to integrate with GNOME. It is extensible through plugins and supports custom task providers.
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Jazzmertize 3 months ago

I wondered about the huge size of the app (800MB+ for a Task list?, requires 2,5GB of free space?). Out of curiousity i tested it. It was nice to see, that the app automatically synced with my other TaskList accounts, but then again disappointing to see it crash every 2 Minutes. I was not able to create Subtasks, I could not change to a dark mode (at least I did not find the option, while in the screenshot it was obviously dark mode) and all in all, It was in no way feature-rich enough to justify the huge size. Right after testing this one, I've tested "Gnome-Todo", with a size of around 300KB! Did the same sync automatically.

GreatWhiteEagle 2 years ago

Very useful software. Very simple but efficient. The top would be have possibility to Sync, to view by another device, or at least to have saved Notes somewhere in case of new installation of Linux Mint.

Jean178716 3 years ago

Great for sorting your brain for the day :)