Godot game engine editor
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Godot is an advanced, feature-packed, multi-platform 2D and 3D open source game engine.
Create games with ease, using Godot's unique approach to game development.
Nodes for all your needs. Godot comes with hundreds of built-in nodes that make game design a breeze. You can also create your own for custom behaviors, editors and much more.Flexible scene system. Create node compositions with support for instancing and inheritance.Visual editor with all the tools you need packed into a beautiful and uncluttered context-sensitive UI.Friendly content creation pipeline for artists, level designers, animators and everything in between.Persistent live editing where changes are not lost after stopping the game. It even works on mobile devices!Create your own custom tools with ease using the incredible tool system.
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BloodaxeNOR 4 months ago

The engine is simply amazing, and is completely opensource. It's great for new and experienced developers alike, and the community is constantly growing. My only complaint so far is that the UI of the Flatpak doesn't scale correctly on my laptop (1366x768).

anutorn 2 years ago

The new game engine meta

Ephata 2 years ago

Alternative à Unity

ryannerd 3 years ago

Godot itself is great! Nvidia and flatpak's install sucks