Telegram Desktop messenger
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Telegram is a popular messaging protocol with encryption and security as its key focus.

Fast and secure desktop app, perfectly synced with your mobile phone.
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ars1614 3 weeks ago

Flatpak application. It uses ugly mouse cursors, black ones.

nowakowski 2 months ago

Telegram is awesome. Overall, this flatpak works well. The only thing that doesn't work is dragging and dropping a file from a folder/desktop into the Telegram window. Then an error occurs.

Machpitt 4 months ago

O Telegram funciona perfeitamente, sempre instalo. A vantagem de tê-lo no computador sem a necessidade de instalar no celular é tudo de bom!

norker 5 months ago


finna8 7 months ago

Great software, better than whatsapp but worse for than Signal. Uses its own encryption method which is not as tested than the long standing options such as AES. Signal > Telegram > WhatsApp. Easy bot support.

Moem 7 months ago

I've tried both the Flatpak and the regular version and either one works fine. It's a great and feature-rich messaging app with optional encryption and does not need a smartphone (just a phone that can receive a text message). I'm a fan for sure.

sankalpchoudhary8 7 months ago

great app better than whatspp

allandacasin 8 months ago

Great App!

AtilioA 9 months ago

Lindão demais. No Linux Mint 19 não precisei usar o "telegram.desktop", como alguns disseram que precisaram

roma_roman123 9 months ago

Абсолютно такой же, как и на ПК. Всё работает, рекомендую.

Maxnet 10 months ago

Really Awesome App: Open Source Software, completely for free, needs no internet connection at the mobile phone, Updates itself automatically and is cross-platform available. A lot of things good software needs. Just the Tray Icon is a bit buggy.

eudigitalis 11 months ago

Top! sensacional sou fanatico nesse app

otonosan 11 months ago

When drag file showing message "Could not send an empty file ...", when trying to add file, app is crashing.

Jenchurik 11 months ago

Crashing when I add file

Aayushgupta219 1 year ago

Works great! In case you are installing on Linux Mint, you should use the one with package name of 'telegram-desktop" as this one doesn't works.

kokbira 1 year ago


cartograffer 1 year ago

Great app! Works exactly like the Android app and is reliable and flexible.

rallcorn 1 year ago

I love the app, but when trying to install it in LINUX Mint, I used the 1st listing in the software manager, "org.telegram.desktop" which I never could even get to launch. So I uninstalled it and instead loaded the 2nd one listed (same program) as "telegram-desktop". It worked beautifully. So, if one doesn't work for you, try the next. It's a great app! I use it on my iPhone and Macbook Pro too!

raskariaka 1 year ago

Крутой мэсенджер)

DacFarren 1 year ago

Its a must for me, but then I get the Bettergram app to install over telegram. It's what telegram should be. However this app is exactly as said, and it is an awesome tool. Works flawlessly