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Telegram is a popular messaging protocol with encryption and security as its key focus.
Fast and secure desktop app, perfectly synced with your mobile phone.
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venelouis 3 days ago

+2,5 GB in disk space?! Crazyness! oficial telegram website is lower

alexrsj 2 months ago

I LOVE Telegram, but not the Flatpak / Snap versions since they take +800MB on your hard disk. I recommend everyone concerned about this to go to the official Telegram website and download the tar.xz file (only 37 MB!) and extract it. The binary inside is ready to launch the program (no dependencies).

iancikal 3 months ago

version 2.4.4 is the latest version for 32 bit (ix386) please update it...

Erebus_Oneiros 4 months ago

Nice and updated. For another user saying "use the linux version" fails to realize flatpack IS a linux version, arguably one of the best ways to package apps in linux. If you are on the fence about flatpack's due to size, note that only the first flatpack will require a large download size after that they are much smaller. The package manager has no way to calculate the exact size as they are sandboxed.

evetrov 4 months ago

Лучший чат. все умеет, теперь даже демонстрацию экрана

Attos 6 months ago

Excellent application for desktop. Perfect couple to the mobil application. Have used for years for chat, file sharing and remote automated equipment control.

danger89 8 months ago

Very good chat application (I think the best one). Matrix is maybe better, but telegram is more approachable.

zidraka 8 months ago

aplikasi uwenak.. gambar & video always HD

sektiono 11 months ago

Aplikasi terbaik untuk chat , i'm from indonesia

karymov 11 months ago

Работает хорошо, но курсор бесит. Works well, but the cursor pisses off

asbelous 1 year ago

Отличный мессенджер. Всё работает безупречно!

marcositz 1 year ago

O cursor vira um borrão preto. Acredito que era para ser uma mão. Por que não deixaram o cursor normal do mouse? O cursor da forma que está é muito ruim! Tentaram enfeitar a coisa e acabou atrapalhando.

Sergio 1 year ago

la mejor app de mesajeria, logro enviar archivos de 2 gb y la interfaz muy estable y comprensible

fredbylake 1 year ago

Don't use the flatpak version. Go to the telegram site and get the linux version. It works fine !

kimchi 1 year ago

works like a charm on Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon

ismed1 1 year ago

עובד נפלא על לינוקס מינט גרסה 19.3

FernandoCobos 1 year ago

Telegram es un excelente servicio, pero esta aplicacion NO. Su mayor defecto es su tamaño ¿Mas de 2GB? Ademas no suele actualizarse tan puntualmente como la version oficial, y de hecho tambien eso, en la sesiones activas es marcada como no-oficial. Definitivamente mejor descargenla directamente del sitio oficial.

dev-asif 1 year ago

It works flawlessly. Please just change the mouse cursor to adapt the default OS cursor.

Hoerli 1 year ago

Der beste Ersatz für WhatsApp. Nutze Telegram seit 6 Jahren und hab seit diesem Punkt auch kein WhatsApp mehr. Die Desktopversion hinkt zwar ein paar Tage oder manchmal Wochen des Smartphone-App hiniterher, funktioniert aber weitestgehend tadellos. Es fehlt nur noch der Videochat und der Geheim-Chat.

Loois 1 year ago

E' una delle app più belle e ricercate, ma purtroppo rispetto alla versione mobile trovo che questa contenga molti glith. Ad esempio quando si ridimensiona la finestra ci sono dei glitch fastidiosi.