Chase Monsters in a Labyrinth
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You are Pacman, and you are supposed to eat all the small dots to get to the next level. You are also supposed to keep away from the ghosts, if they take you, you lose one life, unless you have eaten a large dot, then you can, for a limited amount of time, chase and eat the ghosts. There is also bonus available, for a limited amount of time. An X gives just points, but a little pacman gives an extra life.
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lib2know 8 years ago

i thought it's a package manager ;-)

kald 9 years ago

How to pause the game?

Odysseys 12 years ago


pvnkmrksk 12 years ago

For the size of 29Kb, a worth it game!! Not a hi-texh game. Simple and it works.

dagon 13 years ago

This would work on an original gameboy. You deserve better than this...