jigsaw puzzle game
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Palapeli is a jigsaw puzzle game. Unlike other games in that genre, you are not limited to aligning pieces on imaginary grids. The pieces are freely moveable.

Palapeli is the Finnish word for jigsaw puzzle.

This package is part of the KDE games module.
Latest reviews
Miki 1 month ago

Nice way to spend many happy hours

Andybiker 3 years ago

Using the hands window is a bit awkward, but it is a great game and can use your own images. It needs a superhard version where you have to rotate the pieces but that is a bunch of programming logic to sort out. Maybe one day.

Ephata 4 years ago

Plutôt bien fait

bsosenba 6 years ago

The functionality is amazing!

pscl 8 years ago

Wonderfull !

Nethanyahu 9 years ago

I felt in love with the "Create new puzzle" option: that allows infinite possibilities and a personalized touch. No music, (but who cares?). Great gameplay and configurable options. Easy to understand handbook.