Cross-platform password manager
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The Password Gorilla helps you manage your logins. It stores all your user names and passwords, along with login information and other notes, in a securely encrypted file. A single "master password" is used to protect the file. This way, you only need to remember the single master password, instead of the many logins that you use.

If you want to log in to a service or Web site, the Password Gorilla copies your user name and password to the clipboard, so that you can easily paste it into your Web browser or other application. Because the password does not appear on the screen, Password Gorilla is safe to use in the presence of others.

The convenience of Password Gorilla allows you to choose different, non-intuitive passwords for each service. An integrated random password generator can provide one-time passwords, tunable to various services' policies.

Password Gorilla is a tcl/tk application which can run on Linux and Windows, and the files written are supposed to be compatible between platforms. This is important for collaboration in heterogenous environments.
Latest reviews
Otanim 1 year ago

Easy and quick to set up. It locks up again after five minutes of inactivity, which is nice.

sggs 2 years ago

I've personally never had an issue with this password manager. I originally got it after reading some reviews of various managers and landed on this one. It has been effective, efficient and error free. There ya go, the three "E's"

AndrewRM 4 years ago

I've been using Password-gorilla for years. Elegant and simple. The database can also be used from Windows (PasswordSafe) if necessary.

Kobalt 7 years ago

I like it. Anyway, it will not automatically fill in username and password data at websites. This would be a good improvement.

galen 9 years ago

Capable keyring reads / creates passwordsafe v3 container. Cross platform. Safely keep your keyring on USB / cloud

guimaster 9 years ago

Update: As of Linux Mint 13, I no longer get error messages with this program.

tekhammer 10 years ago

Good Program