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Easily configure your Private Internet Access VPN
12 reviews

Configure your PIA VPN.

User reviews:

3 months ago
5 Install the app from it's website and follow the insructions. Works perfect on Linux Mint and Ubuntu. I have been using it for a year and never had a problem both on Windows and Linux. I don't understand why people are having problem with it. Just go to it's website, click on Download and follow the insructions. Works like a charm both on Windows and Linux. Don't blame Linux just because you don't know how do it. If you don't know how to do it go to forums and search your answer or ask PIA direckly for installation support or get a help from advance Linux user.

8 months ago
5 Love it PIA works excellent on Mint 19. I love the feature PIA Mace works really good. Super fast VPN. Got it on a recommendation from Linus tech tips. I love it becasue it is cheap, super fast and chalk full of features that I enjoy.

9 months ago
2 download the officail app off website

10 months ago
2 I Get 5 maybe 10 minutes then the connection freezes. Tried everything from PIA's website, and still no luck. PIA does work no problems on my Windows PC, so I must conclude that there must be a problem working with Linux Mint18.3

1 year ago
1 Constantly dropping connection.

1 year ago
1 Useless garbage - the client from PIA is much improved over this excuse of an app

1 year ago
3 It is better than nothing and a whole lot easier than trying to set up openvpn manualy. Since the official app will not let me connect when I have an encrypted drive I have tried this one. It works. Its allows you to connect but it lacks some of the features the official client has. It will do for now until I can find a way to get official client working.

1 year ago
5 Starting from version 1.0.6, this tool now saves your credentials.

1 year ago
3 Simple and works, but maybe a bit to simple, it doesn't save your login information, which makes it annoying to change the location

1 year ago
4 The applet is great - but OpenVPN 2.4.3 is acting up with PIA causing it to disconnect after a while

1 year ago
2 I just installed LM 18.3beta and gave it this a try because I hadn't had much luck with the official client in the past. I don't care for this one, it updates a "PIA" option in your Network Manager and nothing else. Any time you want to update your settings (pick a different server, etc.), you have to re-login and it will not save your username and password. Also, I don't know if it's PIA's or this client's fault, but it would disable my network after about 20 minutes. I recently tried their official client again and it seems to be working as it should. Before the official client started working for me, this used to be my favorite way to connect:

1 year ago
3 I could not get the "official" PIA Linux application to connect to my VPN account today. So I installed this community app and -- Miracle! -- it just worked out of the box. Yes, you have to manually launch it as any standard OpenVPN but at least it works and my local IP is not public anymore. Great job!