Learn the piano just by playing a game
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Piano Booster is a new way to learn the piano just by playing a game. It takes elements of the game Guitar Hero but now it uses a real piano keyboard and the game has been turned sideways so the notes scroll along a musical stave. So instead of pressing buttons on a fake guitar you end up learning to play a real musical instrument: the piano.

To run Piano Booster you need a MIDI Piano Keyboard and a MIDI interface for the PC. If you don't have a MIDI keyboard you can still try out PianoBooster, using the PC keyboard ('x' is middle C), but a MIDI piano is really recommended).
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3gghead 5 years ago

Surprised to have no hardware issues; in fact, it found and connected to my midi keyboard with zero config. The UI is still a bit rough but should be a 5-star apppost-beta.

marknquinn 6 years ago

Really pleased so far. Connects fine to the digital piano. Load up your midi file, and practice playing. Nice options for isolating left/right hand, different bars on repeat etc. It is also helping me to read music.