Skype plugin for libpurple messengers (Pidgin-specific files)
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This protocol plugin allows libpurple to communicate with Skype. Applications using libpurple (Pidgin, Finch, Empathy/Telepathy, etc.) can thus show your Skype contacts alongside those from other protocols, and you can communicate with them using that application instead of the Skype user interface.

This plugin communicates with the Skype application in the background to perform its work, so it's necessary to have Skype installed and running. This product uses the Skype API but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Skype.

This package contains Pidgin-specific files.
Latest reviews
gruslo 7 years ago

Does not work: when I try to add an account to Pidgin, there is no option for Skype after installing this plugin.

komer 8 years ago

Needs a skype application to be opened. What's the point then? I guess it's cool to have all chat contacts at one place, though.

bstaletic 9 years ago

Works, but requires skype to be open, or you;ll get disconnected from your skype account even if Pidgin stays connected to the internet.

Zaan 10 years ago


miuchin 10 years ago

pidgin twiter plugin

mbnoimi 11 years ago

Not practical at all

Tehnoman 11 years ago

Didn't show all Skype contacts, freezed system on startup, didn't event try chatting or any other features.

groovydaddy 11 years ago

Very convenient. I like the option of having my Skype with my other chat accounts. Cool.

mikefreeman 12 years ago

If you have to have Skype running at the same time anyway, you might as well just use Skype. When I tried it, Pidgin and Skype seemed to intefere with each other, and I could only use it effectively when I was using Skype by itself.

KJK0 12 years ago

у меня в скайпе белый текст на белом фоне. очевилно, эта фича есть единственный шанс работать без головняков... пробую...

xfirebg 12 years ago

I like it :)

kip- 12 years ago

like it

shaifshahin 12 years ago