Simple and fast microblogging client
  8 reviews

Pino is a simple and fast twitter, and statusnet client.

pino provides several advanced features:
* multi account support
* conversation view
* single instance mode
* option for hiding tray icon
* notification with application icon (for "docks" users)
* fresh statuses color
Latest reviews
kevinbeynon 9 years ago

Would not authenticate the Twitter account - no obvious way of getting it to authenticate.

simons 11 years ago

Does Pino actually exist hete - I just get an "unknown URL" error .... ????

dme3ha 11 years ago

simple client for viewing your timeline. wish for a smaller font size tough

filosofem666 11 years ago

The best native Twitter client on Linux, if you don't care for multiple streams.

RandyNose 11 years ago

Woks ok, but doesn't support multiple streams like Gwibber or Choqok do. BUT it doesn't muddle out like Gwibber when it updates.

thebrix 11 years ago

Much faster than gwibber and takes up less space on screen. Perfect for netbooks.

tonsil 11 years ago

A very nice twitter client.

justin 11 years ago

Pino is nice Twitter client which does the job right. It is lacking some features like being able to view profiles directly in the client such as Tweetdeck, and some others as well. Scored a 4 because of this. If you need a simple Twitter client, this is a great one!