Pandora Radio client for the GNOME desktop
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Pithos is a cross-platform desktop client for the personalized web radio Pandora, supporting all important features the official Flashâ„¢ client has.

Pithos was based on pianobar, a console client for Pandora. In addition to sporting a GTK+ GUI, Pithos has feature-parity with pianobar.

Out of concern for the longevity of Pandora Media Inc., the software authors would recommend subscribing to Pandora One.

Use of this application requires a Pandora account; one can be created for free at https://pandora.com.
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acairta 11 months ago

While Pithos itself is quite good this software download is very out of date. The current version as of writing this is 1.5.1, not 1.1.2. At this time it is better to install using flatpak instead.

Mirko0508 2 years ago

Works perfect with a VPN and an US-IP Adress. No annoying commercials, no interruptions, just music. Just how it should be! Thank you!!!

ceszkraft 2 years ago

Pandora is only available in the U.S. After 7 years and it is still only available in USA. USELESS!

mainwasser 2 years ago

Service not available in most countries of the world. Useless.

Linux777 5 years ago

Awesome work man! thanks a lot.

Quexos 6 years ago

Works great. It will play a specific chanel or mix several for you. Very cool.

ryannerd 7 years ago

If you get a gstreamer plug in is not installed then use this to work around it: sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-alsa; sudo apt-get install gst-plugins-ugly0.10

jurgenk 8 years ago

Works well. As good as Pandora App, maybe better!

duchski 8 years ago

Way, way better than the official app.............

rijnsma 8 years ago

For years the don't let me listen in the Netherlands. We're not allowed.........

ourbob1 9 years ago

What a great app! This is what I love about running linux. Community based software that understand what the user wants. No ads and I see the songs coming up and can skip them before I have to hear them

tom4jean 9 years ago

Perfect! Much better than Pandora's own app I use on my Kindlefire. No ads at all come through on Linux. It has a really nice Quick Pick setting where you pick any combination of your saved stations to play random songs from each. There is intigrated album art. And the best I saved for last it also integrates perfectly into the new "Soundbox" desklet on the Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon desktop so you have album art on the desktop desklet along with full control of the player. It does not get any better. Thanks!

davidswanson1 9 years ago

Great app! I can listen to Pandora in the background while working!

simstud 9 years ago

Great program. I love that I can use the play / pause buttons on my keyboard.

uaruss 9 years ago

great app!

Trond007 9 years ago

Pandora is restricted to a few countries.

codercomplex 9 years ago

This is a great app.. works well.. and has some very nice features.. a must have for people who love there music.

BenL 9 years ago


neogeek 10 years ago

Love this app. No need to listen to Ads when fastforwarding to the next song.

nickstuckert 10 years ago

Incredible sound improvement over the web app. Congrats and thank you!