Splits an image across multiple pages for assembly into a poster
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The PosteRazor splits an image to form a multi-page PDF document. When printed, the sheets can be arranged to form a large poster of the original image.
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hurtigrute 1 year ago

easy and great, used it for long png to convert into pdf

publicFriend 6 years ago

Very nice. Works great!

arper24 9 years ago

Muy práctico aunque mejorable

fotonix 9 years ago

Easy to use and very useful.

sim2409 9 years ago

Wenn man Bilder Grösser als 20 Megapixel und Nachfülltinte für den Drucker hat ist das Programm Grossartig. Bilder mit über 20 Megapixeln bekommt man bei Google Bilder ( einfach " Grösser als 20 Megapixel " in den Suchfilter eintragen ), z.B. Bilder vom Meer oder vom All oder von der Erde...Grüsse Simon

stolle 11 years ago

Perfect tool if you have to print something over multiple pages, e.g. a large bitmap which doesnt fit on a single page. Well done user interface.

5_O_Clock_Charlie 11 years ago

Cool software, similar to the "Rastorbator" software for windows. If you ever wanted to blow up an image to cover an entire wall ... or something smaller, this is it ! See for a video of it in action.