This is purrr, mass file rename tool written in pygtk
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Purrr will let you rename multiple files according to specified template. templates are really a miniature programming language, with variables and stuff.

all that to let you automate not-so-fun task of doing zillions of almost identical renames by hand. if you have ever downloaded anime series where files had smart names like kimi_ga_ep1_divx_mp3[23ed4xc].avi through kimi_ga_ep13_divx_mp3[4c00ddd].avi, you'll surely get the idea.

homepage: http://mathrick.org/software/purrr.html
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WhitePhoenix 7 years ago

It might be a good program, but as a pre-release, it’s useless. Cannot specify drive/folder to work in for starters. There is no internal help file at all.

brankovukelic 8 years ago

This is pretty good. Unlike others, it supports drag and drop. Not so fully-featured, but has the basics. The rename template has [N] placeholder for original name, [C] for counter, and [E] for extension. Some of the placeholders support extra options. THe documentation is not available in English as far as I can tell.