Boot sequence visualisation
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Pybootchartgui is a tool for visualization and analysis of the GNU/Linux boot process. It renders the output of the boot-logger tool bootchart interactively or to files of various formats.

Bootchart collects information about the processes, their dependencies, and resource consumption during boot of a GNU/Linux system. The pybootchartgui tools visualizes the process tree and overall resource utilization.

pybootchartgui is a port of the original visualization part of bootchart from Java to Python and Cairo.

In Ubuntu, the tools to collect the information can be found in the bootchart package.
Latest reviews
Zakhil 2 years ago

Doesn't work on mint 19.1

xchiltonx 6 years ago

didn't work in mint 17.2

guv999 10 years ago

great package to identify boot up issues

AlbertP 10 years ago

Great program. Just install bootchart and pybootchartgui and you get your bootchart as an image file in the /var/log/bootchart folder.

andrei 11 years ago

incredibly slow, docu is missing