SDL bindings for games development (Python 2)
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A multimedia development kit for Python. Pygame provides modules for you to access the video display, play sounds, track time, read the mouse and joystick, control the CD player, render true type fonts and more. It does this using mainly the cross-platform SDL library, a lightweight wrapper to OS-specific APIs.

This is the Python 2 version of the package.
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NebulaBlade 8 years ago

I LOVE pygame!! If only it came in Python 3 :(

wibowoow 9 years ago


EddiX 9 years ago

Had some good times with this one. Excellent for learning the basics in good old game development with SDL.

jahid_0903014 9 years ago


dogsolitude_uk 10 years ago

I adore PyGame. It really took me back to the days of programming games on the ZX Spectrum! Managed to knock up a crappy Manic Miner rip off in a weekend with a little knowledge of Python and GIMP. Documentation is a bit patchy, and you will need to know a bit of programming before creating the next cross-platform Indie smash hit, but if your looking for a dev kit that will enable you to muck about with sprites and sounds, then I strongly recommend this.

ulrich3110 10 years ago


tuxiron 12 years ago

La mejor libreria SDL en el mejor lenguaje de programacion :D

acerayl 13 years ago

A great intro language for those interested in the basics of game programming. Recommended for anyone wanting to try game programming.