Library for working with graphs in Python
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This software provides a suitable data structure for representing graphs and a whole set of important algorithms.

Provided features and algorithms:

* Support for directed, undirected, weighted and non-weighted graphs
* Support for hypergraphs
* Canonical operations
* XML import and export
* DOT-Language output (for usage with Graphviz)
* Random graph generation
* Accessibility (transitive closure)
* Breadth-first search
* Critical path algorithm
* Cut-vertex and cut-edge identification
* Cycle detection
* Depth-first search
* Heuristic search (A* algorithm)
* Identification of connected components
* Minimum spanning tree (Prim's algorithm)
* Mutual-accessibility (strongly connected components)
* Shortest path search (Dijkstra's algorithm)
* Topological sorting
* Transitive edge identification
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