Xmpp and jabber implementation for python (documentation)
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Pyxmpp is a python xmpp (rfc 3920,3921) and jabber ( implementation. it is based on libxml2 -- fast and fully-featured xml parser.

pyxmpp provides most core features of the xmpp protocol and several jsf-defined extensions. pyxmpp provides building blocks for creating jabber clients and components. developer uses them to setup xmpp streams, handle incoming events and create outgoing stanzas (xmpp "packets").

* nearly complete xmpp core (rfc 3920) protocol for client connections
(includes sasl, tls and stringprep)
* mostly complete xmpp im (rfc 3921) protocol (lacks privacy lists)
* xmpp error objects including translations to and from legacy codes for
backward compatibility (jep-0086).
* legacy authentication ("digest" and "plain") (jep-0078).
* component protocol (jep-0114).
* service discovery (jep-0030).
* vcards -- both jabber "vcard-temp" and rfc 2426
* basic parts of the multi-user chat protocol (jep-0045)
* delayed delivery timestamps (jep-0091).
this package contains the api documentation of pyxmpp.
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quite nice