Python library for scientific computing
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SciTools is a Python package containing lots of useful tools for scientific computing in Python. The package is built on top of other widely used packages such as NumPy, SciPy, ScientificPython, Gnuplot, etc.

SciTools also comes with a plotting interface called Easyviz, which is a unified interface to various packages for scientific visualization and plotting. Both curve plots and more advanced 2D/3D visualization of scalar and vector fields are supported. The Easyviz interface was designed with three ideas in mind: 1) a simple, Matlab-like syntax; 2) a unified interface to lots of visualization engines (backends): Gnuplot, Matplotlib, Grace, Veusz, Pmw.Blt.Graph, PyX, Matlab, VTK, VisIt, OpenDX; and 3) a minimalistic interface which offers only basic control of plots: curves, linestyles, legends, title, axis extent and names. More fine-tuning of plots can be done by adding backend-specific commands.
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blueXrider 12 years ago

its ok