Transitional package for qcad to librecad
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Qcad has been removed from wheezy for depending on qt3 and containing non- distributable fonts, patterns, libraries, and documentation.

librecad is the community-maintained qt4 port of qcad and has superseded qcad in debian as the package "librecad".
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manojprabhu_d 10 years ago

I've learned CAD in this application. I've been using this for the last 3 years for my personal home drawings, commercial construction drawings, as well as combined sketch of several survey numbers of land. All in all, it is a very easy to learn and use 2D CAD application for home and land drawings. I'll recommend users to please use it for at least 2-3 months. It sort of grows on you. The functionality/MB and functionality/$ (come on, it's free) quotient is very high and could give any other FOSS or even commercial CAD application stiff competition. There is also a newer trial version available for download in the official website. It is a radically improved version. Try it out too! All in all, not much to lose but a lot to gain. Thumbs up for this app and 5 stars.

mark_hinds 10 years ago

Fairly useful; still re-evaluating

scott65 10 years ago

If you know AutoCad you won't have any troubles

princeinflorida 10 years ago

I needed a simple floor plan for my house and after giving up on some online offerings, I was able to get the job done with QCAD. I found the Youtube tutorials a nice way to get started with it.

chippyash 10 years ago

This has been a long time must have on my machines for anything from garden design to house renovations.

koscho 11 years ago

keine vern├╝nftige Schnittstelle zu anderen Programmen

cestoner 11 years ago

Works great, I use it for making electrical prints when I install new or update current equipment.

ipingoo 11 years ago


obakfahad 11 years ago

I like it but.....I think Programmers should make it more sourcefull and extensions supports.I am an Civil enginnere student. I need to use Autocad .ANd for only Autocad i have to go to windows.Please make it possible to support "DWG" formates.

anakolut 11 years ago

Funny application, but it doesn't worked with AutoCAD files. (dwg., ... etc.) I don't like it.

bensoliman 11 years ago

A must have for basic technical drawings.

geopip 12 years ago

Great. I need it.