Map gamepad/joystick events to mouse/keyboard event
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QJoyPad takes input from a gamepad or joystick and translates it into key strokes or mouse actions, letting you control any X-Windows program with your game controller. This lets you play all those games that for some reason don't have joystick support with your joystick.
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Emperor_Bawk_Bawk 1 year ago

I use this program to play Minecraft with a ps3 controller and it works flawlessly for that purpose, but the program contains a bug that makes the mouse fly uncontrollably across the screen if the controller is accidentally unplugged.

Reviewer 1 year ago

This works flawlessly in Mint 19, very nice if you suffer from mouse arm syndrome, I use it for a number of games that only use mouse, I even use it for surfing sometimes. On a windows machine I use Joystick 2 Mouse which is very similar.

scanff 1 year ago

does not launch. Have to kill process

OmegaDarkMage 2 years ago

Was able to play Megaman vs Ghosts n Goblins using my gamepad thx to this, works pretty well

4ndy 3 years ago

Very useful for games with poor controller support. Runs quietly in the background, otherwise you may need to run it with --notray to edit your setup - that needs to be fixed.

hobbledehoy899 4 years ago

Great for playing Undertale and other such keyborad-only games!

linx123 5 years ago

box flies off the screen