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tabbed document viewer
18 reviews

Qpdfview is a simple tabbed document viewer which uses the Poppler library for PDF rendering and CUPS for printing and provides a clear and simple Qt graphical user interface. Support for the DjVu and PostScript formats can be added via plugins.

Current features include:
- Outline, properties and thumbnail panes
- Scale, rotate and fit
- Fullscreen and presentation views
- Continuous and multi-page layouts
- Search for text (PDF and DjVu only)
- Configurable toolbars
- SyncTeX support (PDF only)
- Partial annotation support (PDF only, Poppler version 0.20.1 or newer)
- Partial form support (PDF only)
- Persistent per-file settings
- Support for DjVu and PostScript documents via plugins

User reviews:

1 month ago
5 Fast PDF viewer with a nice user interface. Handles large and complicated PDFs like a champ, unlike Mint's default PDF viewer, Xreader, which can choke on complicated PDFs and take many seconds to load the next page. Great choice for people who want a fast PDF viewer like MuPDF but don't want to do everything via keyboard shortcuts. Also a good Sumatra PDF replacement for people coming from Windows.

2 months ago
5 Good veiwer

2 months ago
4 I was searching for a viewer that is able to display big files with hundreds of pages. This one does it nice, fast and smooth.

5 months ago
5 Best PDF reader so far, from all the available readers I've tried.

5 months ago
4 A good document viewer that allows multiple open documents in tabs. Its stateful (conserves info about open tabs and windows, and documents) from session to session. It sllows various kinds of overview of your documents, in bookmarks, thumbnails, page outlines and property viewer directly in the UI instad of having to go to the FIle menu like all other apps. It supports annotations. It's reasonably light on resources - uning only a few megabytes of disk space, but open documents easily consume over a hundred MB when opened. Nice to have!

9 months ago
5 Best PDF reader on Linux by far. Feels nice and lightweight and fast, but still full featured. Reminds me of SumatraPDF.

2 years ago
4 Good, but there is a problem to view djvu files with the 0.4.14-1 version

3 years ago
5 Top Class! Just make sure the lib `poppler` is installed. Remembers everything properly: tabs, settings per tabs. Index. Navigate with custom keystrokes & quick. Imo the best - I use it all the time from my 'doc front end'. Perfect, not quite: search primitive, text selection inaccurate (but hardly it's problem): nevertheless 5*. Thanks so much!

3 years ago
4 Lepszy od Evince i Adobe Readera

4 years ago
5 Best pdf viewer on Linux. Had some lags when switching tabs, look for the PPA to fix it.

4 years ago
5 It's faster and more responsive than its qt-based brother Okular.

4 years ago
4 Functional, simple and fast pdf viewer. Got all the main options. One minus for not allowing text selection with keyboard or with mouse by line (it only allows to draw a square which can be very inconvenient for multiple pages selections).

4 years ago
5 very good print supply

4 years ago
5 для комплекта установить qpdwview-ps-plugin и qpdfview-translations

4 years ago
5 Endlich ein vergleichbarer Ersatz für den Adobe Reader. Perfekt! Vielen Dank! Wie gewohnt kann man Grafiken oder Text ausschneiden und für die Zwischenablage bereit stellen :-)

4 years ago
5 Быстрый просмотр pdf в XUbuntu и Linux Mint. Встроенные просмотрщики тормозят - этот нет. Плюсы - нет тормозов при просмотре больших pdf

5 years ago
5 Very good pdf viewer. Is simple, lighweight and fast.

5 years ago
5 I searched this for a long time. Thanks!)