Qt front-end to octave
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Besides offering an attractive front-end to gnu octave, an environment for numerical computation highly compatible with matlab, qtoctave currently also features matrix data entry and display and some gui shortcuts to frequently used octave functions. it also offers access in place to octave's documentation with octave-htmldoc or octave-info.
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Danyel 4 years ago

Me gusta!

mazinga 5 years ago

Didn't work on Mint 15 but on 16 it works perfectly. AWESOME GUI, simply perfect for beginners (matrix, plot and stat commands are tabbed) and also people who love a Matlab alike working enviroment. Thank you!

arogov 6 years ago

You'll be better off using GNU octave terminal along with good IDE like Geany

arek 6 years ago

very good

oferfrid 7 years ago

good if you dont have matlab...

piday 7 years ago

Was good and works with version 3.2. But the project is dead and it has big problems with newer versions of octave

3gghead 8 years ago

Nice Octave wrapper. Auto-watches Octave variables, output, etc. and has tools to create and/or modify variable/dataset values. Not sure of the GUI's impact on memory or processing speed though.