GNU R core of statistical computation and graphics system
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R is a system for statistical computation and graphics. It consists of a language plus a run-time environment with graphics, a debugger, access to certain system functions, and the ability to run programs stored in script files.

The design of R has been heavily influenced by two existing languages: Becker, Chambers & Wilks' S and Sussman's Scheme. Whereas the resulting language is very similar in appearance to S, the underlying implementation and semantics are derived from Scheme.

The core of R is an interpreted computer language which allows branching and looping as well as modular programming using functions. Most of the user-visible functions in R are written in R. It is possible for the user to interface to procedures written in the C, C++, or FORTRAN languages for efficiency, and many of R's core functions do so. The R distribution contains functionality for a large number of statistical procedures and underlying applied math computations. There is also a large set of functions which provide a flexible graphical environment for creating various kinds of data presentations.

Additionally, several thousand extension "packages" are available from CRAN, the Comprehensive R Archive Network, many also as Debian packages, named 'r-cran-'.

This package provides the core GNU R system from which only the optional documentation packages r-base-html, r-doc-html, r-doc-pdf and r-doc-info have been split off to somewhat reduce the size of this package.
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VictorDelgado 6 months ago

Hi, experienced R-User here, the most up-to-date R version is the 4.2.2. Any prediction for the more update R-Core binnaries here? Thanks.

dicentiu 10 years ago

for a GUI, search web for RStudio and download the debian package

deomagnus 11 years ago

Easy language, and a counter to the SAS monster

brainiac 12 years ago

I study molecular genetics, and this has been a great tool

sigma-ml 12 years ago

Simply excellent! It is too good to ignore, if you need to perform numerical computations.

asaeb 12 years ago

Great Software. Just don't forget to install the "Rcmdr" package.

elkos 12 years ago

R is one of the few command line solutions I really like

Alexio 13 years ago

A statistics program that can do much much more, it is similar to the S language and environment which was developed at Bell Laboratories.