Nautilus extension for RabbitVCS
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RabbitVCS is a set of graphical tools written to provide simple and straightforward access to the version control systems SVN (Subversion) and Git. This is the extension for the Nautilus file manager.
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Lunatico 8 years ago

Excellent tool for SVN. It's a shame that there is no plugin for Nemo.

bblonski 9 years ago

OK for small repos, but chokes on large ones. Details here: http://blog.rabbitvcs.org/archives/164. I use pagavcs instead. It's a similar TortoiseSVN clone, but doesn't choke like RabbitVCS. Although it doesn't have quite as many features and isn't as mature.

carlosjimy 10 years ago

Excelente integración de Rabbit para nautilus. Funciona igual a Tortoise permitiendo gestionar SVN además de agregar emblemas a las carpetas.

crhatfield 10 years ago

feels almost like Tortoise SVN all over again. :) Tip, right click on checked-out folder, not individual files for commits and you may need to reboot after install (if you installed by deb anyways)

DashW 10 years ago

Soooo slow! Found myself having to remove it almost immediately. Apparently a lot of work is still being done to improve performance. I would say wait for the project to mature a little.

Aleksandar 10 years ago

Finally! Used tortoise on win for a long time, not used to those svn gui solutions, and plus it works like a charm. I'm happy as a kid :-) Really awesome!

irishfury 10 years ago

As a long time TortoiseSVN user, I am so happy to have this. Thank You!

pestasoft 10 years ago

top svn for nautilus