command-line based shuffle music player that remembers songs between sessions
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Randomplay plays your music collection (or execute any arbitrary commands on any arbitrary filetypes) in random order, remembering songs played across sessions. It also has many features to make command-line music playing more convenient, including recursive regexp searching for tracks and the ability to specify a certain number of tracks, bytes, or minutes to play. Randomplay will also generate a list of music files to be loaded onto a portable music player device. It includes a 'random weighting' feature, so your favorite songs are more likely to come up in the random shuffle.

Randomplay is a convenient tool for the user who does everything in an xterm window or console and is constantly devising complex find/grep/sed command lines to play just the right set of songs.
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momist 8 years ago

Nice, if you really must have a terminal based music player. Good for servers? I don't see why you need raw speed in a music player, and other players can handle 6000 songs. Not mentioned in the man page is that this needs mpg321 and ogg123 in order to play anything.

mikaere66 11 years ago

Quite nice? This simple program IS the best for speed! I've used it every day since I discovered it. I have over 6000 songs on one drive, and Randomplay loads VERY quickly & starts playing them ALL at ramdom =)

blueXrider 12 years ago

quite nice