Photo downloader (importer) from cameras, memory cards, other devices
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Rapid Photo Downloader can be used by both professional and amateur photographers to download photos and videos from multiple cameras, memory cards and Portable Storage Devices simultaneously. It provides many flexible, user-defined options for subfolder creation, photo and video renaming, and backup.
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gt4w4al 1 year ago

Works just fine straight away even for videos from VCR. Simple and useful. Just what I needed !

nbagi 3 years ago

It is working perfect and fast. Download my photo & videos from my mobile and my camera easy and as I want.

JacquesRemy 4 years ago

sorry not see score... 5 of course

Woodburner 4 years ago

Essential part of photography workflow. On a Windows box I use Canon software to download and rename m images. This does exactly the same job on my Linux machine. You can configure the filename in any number of different ways. I have it set up to replicate the way I rename files on Windows. Excellent bit of software.

rmanf30 5 years ago

Une fois tous les paramétrages effectués, ce logiciel est irremplaçable.

fedelin 6 years ago

Upload with powerfull and easy to configure renaming system. What else ?

fotonut 7 years ago

Definitely faster than gThumb, but for a perfect score, it would have to have an option to click an image to open in a chosen editor.

boho999 7 years ago

Excellent software. A must have

fotonix 8 years ago

Completely key application for photography at any level. This brings the files from the camera to the computer and renames them - all custom configurable to my taste. Well designed and not over-complicated, works perfectly. Once the paths and renaming were set up, which was easy and flexible, it forms the first step in my new workflow. I then use rawstudio for developing, gimp for any tweaks, the std file manager for arranging folders, and kb3 for archiving. NOtE: the Ubuntu repository version is way old, set up the ppa to the original!

maideii 10 years ago

The best application to work with something such as Darktable without a proper photo importer.

ronald8e 11 years ago

Absolute essential tool for downloading a n d renaming photos and videos from your camera/card.