GNOME Document Organiser
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Referencer is a GNOME application to organise documents or references, and ultimately generate a BibTeX bibliography file. Referencer includes a number of features to make this process easier:

* Automatic metadata retrieval from PubMed, CrossRef and ArXiv
* Smart web links
* Import from BibTeX, Reference Manager and EndNote
* Tagging
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dowcet 8 years ago

Looks great, but I had very little luck with the metadata retrieval and will have to stick with Zotero for now.

cahyadwiguna 10 years ago

yeah, this is what im looking for... we can make an tables of content from all our article

heronr1 10 years ago

jeah, i love it. easiest an best literature-database programm

bentinc 10 years ago

I use it for its relative simplicity. Like it! :)