Simple pixel-based painting program
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This package provides the simplified painting program rgbPaint, a spin-off from mtPaint by the same authors. Light on dependencies, it can edit and save images in ICO, JPEG, or PNG format only, though it can also read GIF, PCX, SVG, TGA, and TIFF formats.

The user interface is intentionally kept simple, without drop-down menus. Ten brushes are provided, and a palette of twenty colors, each of which can be replaced from a color blender. The available actions are painting, filling, and area selection. The program can also start by taking a screen snapshot to use as the initial image.

Originally aimed at the OLPC initiative, rgbPaint works well with the Sugar desktop environment - especially with a graphics tablet; even young children can quickly master it to produce true brushwork!
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Vector-full 8 years ago

Bastante basico y faltan herramientas basicas

yattote 8 years ago

Very simple. Only pen and flood tools.

mintlinux 10 years ago

I agree with mbu725 and efthialex

mbu725 11 years ago

Appropriate for minor edits.

efthialex 11 years ago