Textbased audio CD ripper
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Ripit runs in text mode (no fancy GUI here) and does everything required to produce a set of mp3, ogg, flac, m4a files without any user-intervention.

ripit does the following with an Audio CD: - Get the audio CD Album/Artist/Tracks information from CDDB - Get the audio CD Album/Artist/Tracks information from Musicbrainz - Rip the audio CD Tracks (using cdparanoia or other cdrippers) - Encode the files (using lame, oggvorbis flac and/or faac) - ID3 tag them (v1 & v2) - Optional: creates a playlist (M3U) file (lists MP3s created, used by various MP3 players) - Optional: Prepares and sends a CDDB submission. - Optional: Saves the CDDB file.
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clive1000 1 year ago

Not working and Not maintained RipIT version 4.0.0-beta20140508. Default cddb no longer available but managed to get it to use gnudb by setting (3) parameters on command line. However experienced fatal error after first song ripped.

inksi 4 years ago

better than most gui alternatives

merelyjim 11 years ago

Very good results, and I gotta love the command line interface...

stolle 12 years ago

Good practical tool, highly configurable, very good results