Music editor and MIDI/audio sequencer
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Rosegarden is a Qt application which provides a mixed Audio/MIDI sequencer (for playback and recording), a multi-track editor, music editing using both piano-roll and score notation, MIDI file IO, lilypond and Csound files export, etc.
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marcotc 5 months ago

My Yamaha keyboard was recognized and works without the need any configuration! I simple plug it in USB and start the program. Congratulations !!

humanpride 2 years ago

I can't use it. I only have my university bachelor decree

Caltrop 3 years ago

newer version is very hard to install

ourfalli 5 years ago

Very difficult to configure, impossible to have any sound, jackd or Alsa are useless and make things complicated even more. I didn't know that one needs a PHD in computer science to make music on Linux !

blazeaster 6 years ago

Im a lifetime windows user, been using FL studio. Everything is great but some demo VST-s would be nice. Program by itself is great, intuitive to use

josemlucero 9 years ago

Excellent program, only problem is sound always requires tweaking and manualy installing other midi packages

vonvalley 10 years ago

it's a very cool program and it has a lot of features. works well with my juno-g

deadlyhappen 11 years ago

the only musicprogram what autorecognise my yamahapiano , great :

EDDE_E 11 years ago

If you like GarageBand, well this is the app for you. It works great with jackd/alsa, not with pulseaudio(it hangs the system). One of the best out there.

aprilland 11 years ago

I'm afraid, it takes a lot of time and pain to make it work. It makes the system hang. It seems to conflict with PulseAudio. Alas! I prefer Tuxguitar, it performs no conflicts.

Joshun 11 years ago

A fantastic MIDI sequencer application! Essential for musicians.