Arcade-style space shooting game
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RRootage is an arcade-style vertical shooting game, with music to match. Avoid the barrage of bullets and destroy the enemy's battle ship with your laser. rRootage has 40 levels, each playable in four different modes.

rRootage was created by Kenta Cho.
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Busybody 1 year ago

So he spends all his time writing code for fancy graphics to set the game options and stuff, but couldn't find 5 minutes to write a help file?!?! All I could do was select some level options (meaningless unless I know what these options do) but as to how to actually START the game?... Who knows. Spacebar, enter key, mouse click... nope, they do nothing. I tried EVERY key on the keyboard... still nothing! So this was a total waste of time to download. Thanks for nothing Kenta. :(

Tomi1980 4 years ago

melyik a kurva start gomb ...

himanshu00774 6 years ago

i love it

discolust 7 years ago

Super-cool. There's a reason I love Kenta Cho's games. They're all amazingly fun to play!

Turupawn 9 years ago

I love it <3 nice polygon effects and patterns

tayss 11 years ago

This is one of the most amazing shmups very beautiful

torturedutopian 11 years ago

Very addictive oldschool shmup !