Protect your eyes from eye strain using this continuous breaks
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Safe Eyes is a simple tool to remind you to take periodic breaks for your eyes. This is essential for anyone spending more time on the computer to avoid eye strain and other physical problems.

Features: - Short breaks with eye exercises - Long breaks to change physical position and to warm up - Strict break for those who are addicted to computer - Do not disturb when working with full-screen applications - Notifications before every break - Optional audible alert at the end of break - Option to lock screen after long breaks - Smart pause and resume based on system idle time - Multi-monitor support - Plugins to utilize Safe Eyes - Elegant and customizable design
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shoppe 2 years ago

At the moment, Software Manager installs 2.0.6, which is iargely broken and so useless. Do yourself a favour and install the most recent version, which has the necessary bug fixes, from the product's web site.

xihnik 3 years ago

Very cool app which real helped me return the vision

NEMD-A 3 years ago

After a while you can get good vision and healthy eyes! I like this program for costomizable eye breaks and that it pauses everything with an audio alert.